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10 Advantages of Bulk SMS Marketing for Business.

According to recent research studies, every time you receive a notification, your brain releases dopamine, the feel-good hormone. This finding explains why we love our phones so much. You can occasionally forget your earphones or even a mask but not your phone. This discovery is exactly why your business must have a bulk SMS sending platform. Strategically and tactically, you can hook your prospects into clients in a short period. They can even be repetitive buyers, ask Safaricom. As many times as they call you “dear” every morning, Safaricom will always be at the top of your mind when you have a problem they can solve.


Why is SMS better?

Marketing is consistently maintaining a warm channel of communication with all business stakeholders. It should not be just about the sale but communicating because you’re building a community. SMS marketing helps your business to maintain connections with customers, prospects and suppliers. The relationship with your customer is what catalyzes the coming of the coin. The higher the number of customers you can; regularly craft messages for, present an offer and close smoothly; the higher the likelihood of business success.


A brief history of the significant yet straightforward SMS.

A connection is a result of a series of communication. When you went to school, they told you that man began with smoke signals and sending messengers. The man then invented communication tools, with the most outstanding being Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone some few hundred years ago. Now in your hand, you have the great, great, great-grandchild of Graham’s invention. The difference is the power and potential within it is exponentially higher than the ancestors. Regardless of how complicated the phone gets – some even can fold nowadays- the SMS’s influence is still preeminent over all the sophisticated messengers we have now.

For your real estate business, law firm, school, church, social club or any other community of people you are associated with; a text that is :-sent with a unique sender ID that identifies the organization to ensure that it stands out in case of an emergency from the noisy inbox, is very significant for long term growth. Community is what builds powerful societies, business empires and movement. You can quickly form and maintain a community with a bulk SMS service. As a lawyer, you could use to send regular updates on cases to clients. As a pastor, you could regularly feed your flock with spiritual nourishment that will strengthen their faith. As a rental property manager, you could use SMS to update tenants of sensitive informational sensitive times f the month. As a social club, you can post updates to the club members weekly or monthly to strengthen and grow the club. All these organizations would prefer as much as possible to have a low operating budget for communication. This convenience is what a bulk SMS avails to its users—cheap costs for effective results. In case you want to see a sample, look at Safaricom.
Businesses should adopt technology and eliminate the overdependence on geographical location for business growth. The internet and social media have empowered African enterprises to a broader reach of prospects.
The right tools could go a long way in retaining and earning repetitively from your customers. One of such devices is the bulk SMS service.
Mass texting, commonly referred to as bulk SMS, is the most comfortable, most dependable, familiar, and fastest medium to converse with customers from multiple mobile network providers. Furthermore, the service works on all mobile phones and any network globally. Statistics show that bulk text messages have the highest open rate,98%. Implicitly, that’s the highest feedback rate. How will businesses benefit from a bulk SMS service?


What are the advantages of Bulk SMS in Business Communication?


Short messages aren’t just used for common communication but can facilitate personalized SMS-marketing messages to be sent to your most loyal buyers. Therefore, you’ll organize prize drives that focus on your most loyal purchasers to strengthen the bond. You can also upsell them on a new product they have never tried before. 

Below are some of the advantages of bulk SMS


Highest Open Rate

The nearest substitute for bulk -SMS to your consumers is to send them an e-mail marketing campaign. Text marketing, yet, has a higher open rate as people avoid emails due to spam mail.

Most people always have their phones in their hands. Studies show that we get a dopamine shot every time we receive a phone notification. Dopamine is the feel-good hormone in the brain. Therefore, an SMS is most likely to be opened whenever you make the effort to send one.


Excellent Clarity.

SMS can be a substitute for your customer care reps. It is easy to explain in detail and present a personalized solution to a client’s query in SMS than in any other communication means. 



You can send SMS for as low as 0.5 cents per SMS. The more the number of SMSes sent, the cheaper your sending cost per SMS. You might even use 10 cents for one sms


Immediate feedback

Immediacy greatly affects the quality of information sent and received. Instantaneous feedback can be obtained through bulk SMS.  


Fast Delivery

It takes time for Facebook or Google ads to be approved. TV ads and Newspaper advertisements will equally take time but SMS will be delivered within seconds. 

This is distinctly required with time-sensitive messages. for example, various restaurants send messages on dinner specials regularly. they are doing this as a result of the recognition that their hungry customers receive the message instantly.


Highly Converting Updates

Everyone likes to buy but nobody likes to be sold to. Regular updates to your clients will increase the number of sales as they will be always aware of any available offers. Companies that know how to execute good SMS strategies obtain a substantial portion of their revenue from impulse buys. Get a bulk SMS today and join in on this huge profit chunk.



Fruitful Interactions

A well-developed bulk SMS strategy will yield fruitful dialogue that will then tend to more closed sales. This will then build your brand and ensure its invincibility. An ideal example of a formidable brand with an excellent bulk SMS strategy is Safaricom. Every Kenyan knows of Safaricom and almost every Kenyan uses their products. Bulk SMS is an excellent way to conduct social listening and build valuable customer-centered products. This will make you stand out from your competition.


Cheap in Pricing

Mainstream Ads require 6 figures to yield substantial returns. Digital Ads need precise strategy and tactics. However, bulk SMS is the cheapest form of marketing. Over time it can lead to big conversions. A worthy investment for any startup that wants to build the brand as fast as possible. 


Easiest in Personalization

To customize the message to fit the individual need of the recipient is the cheapest in SMS as compared to other forms of marketing and advertising. You must have sufficient data about the recipient and you will be able to send an adequate message. Data like previous purchases and frequency of purchase are enough for you to customize a personal message for your client as often as twice a week. Remember, a good business is an unforgettable business. Always remaining in the mind of the consumer.


Masterful Deployment

Remember, customers recall how you made them feel not how much they paid. Always aim to provide maximum satisfaction and deliver any communication, however light, with a gentle albeit Masterful touch. 

Choose a good bulk SMS service provider to ensure that your messages are delivered with finesse.


Can be paired with USSD technology to produce powerful results in analog markets.

In a situation whereby you are dealing with a customer base that doesn’t have internet or digital media, bulk SMS and USSD applications can easily showcase your product offerings to such a customer base. If you need to learn more about USSD check this out. Technology does not have to be complicated to yield fruit. USSD and SMS are the simplest yet the most effective precursors of conversion for big brands like Safaricom.


Six ways of how bulk SMS can increase case clients for lawyers in Kenya (2020).

The demand for legal services is ever increasing. More Kenyans are opening businesses and acquiring properties. Therefore more lawyers are needed as time goes by. However, as a lawyer, how do you ensure your results are reliable, and your firm is stable? How will you get more clients and more cases? How can you implement bulk SMS in your marketing strategy to get some assured Return on investment? The following are how bulk SMS can help you expand your firm in less than six months.  


Capacity to engage in a dialogue with potential clients

According to Lawyer monthly, building a considerable team of referrals is the binding glue in creating a formidable professional network. The conversation is what makes the world go round. It is what facilitates business taking place. A good lawyer is an excellent converser. To start a conversation is easily facilitated by a bulk SMS service. You will easily segment your client base according to the type of cases they have brought to you. You can strike regular conversations that will ensure referrals.


Foster formidable bonds

Filling up the company phonebook is not beneficial for the law firm if one overlooks having a genuine interest in the prospects. Therefore, remember the critical events in people’s lives, such as birthdays or anniversaries, to deliver a message or gift. A bulk SMS service will go a long way to facilitate this for your entire clientele. Each birthday and anniversary, you will send a timely message explicitly customized for the client. Constant communication will keep you in their minds as a friend who would be rewarding in a case. The competition will have to work double to get the clients’ attention. The list of these people includes next-door neighbours and off the grid society. While most law firms display noticeable similarities, a personal acquaintance with the market gives you a higher chance of preference


Refine the customer experience

customers always remember how you made them feel when they urgently needed you. Urgency is a severe factor, coupled with immediacy. Therefore, you can update your customer whenever they ask a question through a bulk SMS service. It will be convenient as the sender will personalise the text making it time-saving compared to a call. The customer will also receive immediate feedback. As compared to a customer care line where they would have to queue ON HOLD if the number of customer care attendants is low, SMS is way better.


Promoting content

According to custom legal marketing, successful law firms promote their content. Your blog might be having regular updates, but your clients rarely are aware of such updates. It would be best if you made sure that the content you produce reaches your audience regularly. 

Regular reach ensures your audience is kept warm and ready to throw a case your way whenever possible. You can do this by sending them regular updates through a bulk SMS service. This way, they will always be aware when you post on your blog. Remember, having a blogpost with no traffic is not a value add to your organisation. Having a blogpost with regular traffic provides growth potential.


Thinking locally

Tailoring your firm’s marketing strategy to fit the office location is a sure recipe for growth. Therefore, your firm ought to think locally and enmesh itself with community affairs and grapevine to be relevant to the locale’s needs. A bulk SMS service will avail you the opportunity to share periodic updates to the residents, and consistency with this tactic assures you a case once in a while from these members of the community. 


Gently encouraging visitors to take action

In businesses and sales, the higher the number of offers and proposals, the higher the likelihood of a close. Therefore Litigators can easily use an SMS to prompt an undecided prospect into signing with you without coming off pushy and desperate. It can increase your closing rate by significant margins.


Five ways how bulk SMS can help rental property managers in Kenya (2020)

Your experience in property management has shown you that there’s more than meets the eye. Aside from collecting rent, dealing with evictions, and preparing lease agreements, property managers have to be more diverse and creative in how they attract and retain high-quality tenants. Communication is central to an effective and fruitful relationship with tenants. A cheap and useful communication tool like a bulk SMS service will enable you to achieve your communication goals. You will do so despite the low monthly operating budget. Here are five ways how Favitech bulk SMS can help rental property managers increase their returns. 


Frequent communication with tenants.

Very few property managers maintain a connection with their tenants. The majority of them knock on their doors on the 5th. Only when the tenant will contact them in case of a fixture mid-month will there be further communication. This cold nature of the interaction between these parties is not beneficial for the property manager in the long run. A bulk SMS service will ensure that you can send periodic updates to the tenants to familiarise yourself with them. In the case of a birthday or an anniversary, a bulk SMS platform can alert them and remind them that you care. Such relationships initiated by the property management will yield high-quality referrals from these tenants as gratitude for your kindness. Not having a bulk SMS platform is not beneficial for your enterprise.


Formal probation for quality control.

Maintaining the quality and state of your property is top-notch to your requirements and goals. You can use a bulk SMS service to conduct interviews tailored explicitly for a particular tenant(s). You can inquire about the staff’s behaviour towards the clients safely and composedly without them being under pressure to answer you. Your brand will have a formidable reputation of care towards the tenants, and this social capital is very lucrative for your property management business


Rent collection updates.

The rent collection process is susceptible if the property managers expect a good investment return from their property. Some tenants rarely comply with the rent collection policy, whereas some have a terrible month. It is wise to send periodic rent collection updates at certain times in the month to your tenants. Rent will be at the top of their mind; therefore, this guarantees a reduction in default and late payment.  


Eviction updates.

In case a tenant has been unable to comply with rental obligations. You can send eviction notices and updates through a bulk SMS service to the tenant. The high open rate and immediate feedback will ensure that your message reaches the tenant when needed.


Repair and maintenance updates.

For your property to remain spic and span, management must schedule regular repairs. A bulk SMS service is a convenient way to notify your clients, that is, your tenants, when they will be affected by routine repair and maintenance. A power repair may involve the tenant who has home offices. Therefore it is prudent to inform them so that they make prior alternative arrangements. Repair and maintenance are a great place of conflict between tenants and owners. Consequently, a previous SMS information strategy will serve your property management brand well in the long run.


5 ways how you can use bulk SMS to grow your social community.

Social capital is significantly vital in an organization. From churches to big brands, to clubs and even schools, man builds social structures in the community. You benefit from organizations in many ways. Online communities can primarily provide insights into your congregants’/customers’/members’ preferences and needs. It can increase member retention and loyalty. Proper social management is sure to improve reputation and thought leadership. In the long run, it will decrease support costs. An excellent community management strategy can realize all this. A great tool is often the spearhead of this strategy. SMS services with 98% open rates, the highest available grades globally, can accelerate community growth.


Strategic Segmentation.

Frequently you encounter and interact with people who are very different. They may not ride the same wave or float in the same boat. All in all, to expand the community and make it more inclusive, you need to accommodate all of them by understanding each behavior. Observing and eventually grouping your community members based on their preferences and tastes is a wise move to enhance growth. Using SMS, you can send personalized messages to each segmented members’ inboxes to address their issues accordingly.


 Innovative Individualization.

You can tailor encouragement messages, Bible verses and even answer individual questions on behalf of the organisation. Community management cannot address some issues centrally. Therefore, a personal approach for the long-term communal benefit is the wise move. An SMS is a cheap and reliable way of actualising this.


Track the impact of communication.

Using an SMS service platform with regularly updated templates, you can track how impactful your messages have been over time. You can conduct social studies on your communities through SMS and create community models based on reliable data.


Promote online content.  

Your organisation probably has a website; otherwise, head over here to see why you need a website, most especially in this decade. A website serves as a digital business card for your organisation. A website serves as a digital shop. It is a site on the virtual landscape called the internet that you rent(host), design, and curate to get money or grow a community. Regular updates that attract traffic are the most profitable features of the site. To ensure warm traffic on your content, promoting them through SMS is a prudent move. 


Gently encourage participants to take action.

A call to action is a prompt on the recipient to perform a particular task. It may be to check out a specific content piece or filling a particular survey. It can even be an offer towards a sale. It can be that parents in your school should pay school fees. All these are calls to action. They are delivered gently and smoothly on text than any other media because SMS is simple and reserved. It is not unnecessarily sophisticated; therefore, the recipient achieves intended action most of the time easily. 

What are some of your thoughts on the advantages of Bulk sms services to businesses, schools ad even the government ?



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