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Hodu Call Centre


What is Call & Contact Center software?

It is a business division within an organization that manages customer interactions. Unlike a call center, which receives requests only by telephone, the contact center handles inbound and outbound customer communication over multiple channels such as telephone, web, chat, email, messaging apps, social media, text, fax, and traditional mail. Contact centers use various types of advanced technology to help resolve customer issues quickly, to track customer engagements, and to capture interaction and performance data. Contact centers are usually operated either by an internal department or outsourced to a third party provider.

Benefits of a having HoduCC Contact Center ?

HoduCC is an indian based call/contact center software having value added features. Our Software is an automated system that helps to manage the communication between agents and customers. It can manage around 1000+ Concurrent Calls and 250+ agents on a single server. HoduSoft’s Inbound and Outbound Call Center Software are designed to provide seamless end-to-end business communication. It includes: Predictive Dialer, Preview Dialer, Progressive Dialer, WebRTC Phone, Auto Dialer, Call Recording, Multi Level IVR, and many other features
HoduCC - Contact Center Software guarantees to provide the intelligent, secure, and advanced featured call center software that suits best for all types of call centers. The Omnichannel Contact Center Software delivers advanced social media capabilities for customer service and organizations. It is engineered with social media built-in so you can reach out, engage, monitor, and support your customers on their preferred social network with Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Call centers can help a business of any size. Between reducing in-house costs, improving customer satisfaction and experience, providing marketing information, and more, there is no shortage of benefits to a call center for even smaller businesses.

  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Reduced Costs
  • Increase Sales
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Gain greater customer insights
  • Better efficiency. and many more.

Contact Center Software Features :

  • Omnichannel :  Multiple communication channels support , Voice, Media, Live Chat, Email
  • MultiLevel IVR : Interactive Voice Response feature to guide clients
  • Inbuild Call recording : call recording feature to keep track of all communication
  • Real Time Analytics Reports : Inbuild multi type of real time reports with filters
  • Integration with Third Party CRM : ZOHO, Zendesk, Sales force
  • Secure Platform and Scalable
  • Mini CRM along with Ticketing System
  • Complete monitoring of Agent interactions on live call

We will assist you to set up your contact centre, train your agents and even manage your call centre on your behalf.  We are authorized partner of Hodusoft india Pvt Ltd , providers of Enhanced VoIP Sytems, IP PBX Software and Contact Centre Software solutions for your enterprise.